Welcome to the ZHS Owego website.

ZHSOwego.org was made possible by the work of the ZHS Owego staff members, their advisor Mr. Jeff Charbonneau, and financial support from the Zillah Alumni Association.

The website serves as a historical record of Zillah High School and is freely accessible to the general public.

Currently, ZHSOwego.org has more than 7,000 scanned pages from over 70 different books ranging from 1919 to 2009. Only books that are 10 years old or older are published online.

While we understand the desire for newer books to be published online, we also need to be able to sell yearbooks each year. By only posting older books we help balance the ability to share historical information and maintain sales (and thereby the existence) of the Owego Yearbook.

Currently, all books on file from 1919 to 2009 are posted online. In Spring  2020, the 2010 book will be posted. Unfortunately, we are missing several books. If you own one of the books listed below and would be gracious enough to allow the Owego staff to borrow and scan your copy, we would greatly appreciate it (your book will be returned to you).

The following books are not in the ZHS inventory:

1921 1923 1925-1928 1931-1936* 1938 1940-1943

*It is believed that no books were produced from 1931-1936.

Zillah High School does have extra physical copies of some of the past yearbooks. If you are interested in purchasing a past yearbook, please email or call Mr. Charbonneau.

Thank you for your support of Zillah High School and of the Owego Yearbook.

Please send us your comments!

Jeff Charbonneau
Owego Advisor Email: Jeff.Charbonneau@zillahschools.org
School: 509-829-5565

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